LEO international

LEO international

If you want to support us on our mission 'Let's make LEOs United!' please take 5 minutes of your time and watch the European LEO Newsletter to see what we have prepared for you.

We are proud to present you the very first European LEO Newsletter created by the ILO Council 2014/2015.

If you need a contact abroad, have a look on the following list.
For sure you can also contact our ILO Chrisopher Guntli

Webseite European Leos: www.european-leos.eu

MD 101 SwedenFacebook
MD 103 France
MD 106 DanmarkFacebook
MD 107 FinlandFacebook
MD 108 Italy
MD 110 Neatherland
MD 111 GermanyFacebook
MD 112 BelgiumFacebook
MD 113 Luxembourg
MD 114 AustriaFacebook
MD 115 PortugalFacebook
D   119 HungaryFacebook
D   121 Poland
MD 124 Romania
MD 129 Slovenia
MD 201 Australia
MD 303 Hong Kong & Macao
D 306 Srilanka A2 & C2
D 315 Bangladesh
D 351 Libanon, Jordan, IrakFacebook
D403A Burkina Faso
D412  Botswana, Malawi,
Mozambique & Zimbabwe
D 51 Puerto Rico