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Clubs all over the world are facing challenges in building membership, especially with the younger generation, the future leaders of community service. The LionsBase is simply a tool that helps dedicated people do their job more efficiently and use their valuable time more wisely by streamlining common processes, and centralising information so that it is at the reach of every single member.

Mobile App

LionsBase Mobile is the official application that gives you a handy access to the directory of members, quickly confirms your attendance at an event or checks other information about your organisation.

For iOS download on the AppStore by clicking here.

For Android find the app on Google Play by clicking here

Information for Clubs

In the days of communication, a Web presence is crucial for your LEO Clubs. But managing a Web site is time consuming and often requires skills. Furthermore, both the LEO Clubs and the LEO district itself need to communicate, as well as share content and information.

The LionsBase gives clubs and and the district a streamlined and centralised view of the clubs' lives. The information can be prepared and published at any level (club, zone, region, district and multi-district) and is automatically aggregated and made available where it belongs.

You will find the documentation for members, webmasters and LionsBase masters by clicking here.

Staying up to date

Each club needs to update its club and member information every year as the committee functions change, members change addresses or club meetings change. A database such as this one is only as valuable as the accuracy of its content! Therefore the following should be done:

  1. All functions for the new committees of the upcoming year should be updated every year at least before April 30th
  2. Club information, such as bank information and club meeting (time and location), should always be up to date. 
  3. Members should signal any change of personal information (address, email, etc.) to their LionsBase masters ASAP. 

Furthermore, note the importance of having complete member information, including photos. All members should have a quality portrait photo, as they are visible both on your club websites and the LionsBase App. 

Managing your club email

The LionsBase is able to redirect messages sent to a generic club email address to an arbitrary list of recipients, and this feature has been activated for all LEO clubs in MD 102. Click here to find the tutorial on how to set up your club "" email.

The Online Visibility Award

In order to promote the LEO's online visibility, the district 102-L has decided to create its very own award: The Online Visibility Award. All of the LEO websites and social network accounts are assessed every year by the comity, with over 100 criteria and bonus points for improvements between years. The winning club will receive a grand prize of 300CHF and a magnum of champagne.

The 2021 winner of the Online Visibility Award is LEO Club Genève!

Past winners:

The 2022 OVA will attribute higher points to clubs whose members all have photos, to clubs that have registered a meeting time and place, and clubs that keep social activities up to date (incl. hours and funds). 

Tips for clubs to score higher, make sure that: 

  • committee positions are up to date;
  • all members have photos and contact details;
  • your club information (email, meeting place, IBAN, etc.) appears clearly on the homepage;
  • you connect your clubs SNS accounts (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.) to the Lionsbase;
  • you post regularly in News or on SNS;
  • you have a beautiful and inviting website, and especially homepage! 

Questions & help

For any questions or help, please find the contact details for district 102L Web- and LionsBase Master below.