The Webmaster (also known as Website Editor) is the person who primarily deals with content on the Lions Club’s website. They are responsible for publishing news, pictures, articles, activity reports or preparing and sending newsletters onto their club website "". Their function, varying between clubs, may include the responsibility of managing social network accounts. 

There are 3 levels of Webmasters:

  1. Basic - the default level for new webmasters, limited to basic page and content editing;
  2. Standard - the level for regular Typo3 users, usually granted to those who have attended the basic webmaster course;
  3. Advanced - the level for those already mastering Typo3, granting access to the advanced functions.

If you are a webmaster feeling like you are limited by your level and wish to change, please contact district LionsBase Master. 

If you are a young webmaster who has recently arrived in this function, here is how you login to Typo3, the platform you will be using to modify the content on your site. Once you're logged on, you'll find it helpful to always two windows open that you regularly refresh: (1) Typo3 to make the changes and (2) the club website page you are modifying to immediately see the changes. IT help for the club Webmasters can be found here, including how to customise the club's site, news and newsletters. For any additional help, please contact District 102L Webmaster.

Below you will find a list of all club webmasters in our LEO district.