Youth Exchange was a program developed in 1961 with a goal of cultural exchange and understanding. Its aim is primarily bringing youths from abroad and teaching them about the culture and everyday life of Swiss families. This follows one of our Lions principles: “[...] to promote the spirit of understanding between cultures around the world.” This exchange takes place in summer, for 4-5 weeks, although some other countries also offer other seasons.

The objectives of this program

  1. Establishing valuable relationships between young people from different countries
  2. Exchanging of culture and ideas
  3. Promoting a willingness to communicate and work towards world peace and understanding, across borders
  4. Developing youths’ innate leadership potential
  5. Promoting youths’ respect for other’s ideas
  6. The Lions Youth Exchange Program is not intended to be used as tourism, education, or profession-related work. It is a unique opportunity to get insight into foreign cultures. The participants need to accept the rules of both the host families and the camps.

In Switzerland
Every year we welcome 6 youths during the winter holidays, and 50 youths during the summer.

Role of the Youth delegate in the Lions Club
Every Lions club has a youth delegate, who is tasked with finding suitable host families for youths from abroad. They are also meant to help children of club members wishing to participate in a youth program abroad. The youth delegate of a Lions club is required to always be in contact with the youth chairperson for their district.