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Nationale Leo Agenda

08 Apr

President's conference


1. Upcoming Cabinet Meeting / Presidents Conference

Thank you all for participating in the doodle pool. The cabinet meeting will take place on the 8.4.2017 at 11 o'clock. The presidents’ conference will also take place on  8.4.2017 but at a later time, at 14:00 to be exact. Both will take place at the Restaurant Falcone in Zurich. The new date and time as well as the exact location will also be updated on the Lionsbase agenda as soon as possible. 

We are sorry for changing the date at such a short notice, but it is important that as many presidents can attend as possible. If you yourself cannot make it to the conference, please ask for someone from your club to come and represent you! This is an important event since it is the last conference before the NC and they do not need to sign up. 

2. Polos and Pins

At the National Convention we will be representing the LEO movement and we want to help make sure the members of your clubs have everything they need to do so. 

If you need LEO pins for your members you can directly buy them from me at the next presidents’ conference for 5.- per pin. Please bring the exact change. If you cannot attend the conference, you can order them from me via email and I will send them to you via mail and pay them via invoice. Please be aware that the minimum amount that can be ordered this way is 10 pins. 

If you need LEO polos; You can get them from the LEO district as we will place a collective order. In order to do so, you will have the opportunity to place your club’s order at the next presidents’ conference, so please make sure to check how many you need and in which size until then. You can check them out here:

Again, if you cannot attend the conference, you can order them from me via email until the the XXX at XXX o'clock

3. National Convention and Club Business Cards

This years National Convention, as you all know, takes place 12.5-14.5 in the lovely Canon Jura (see Lionsbase) and we are working hard on putting together an amazing program for the Leos. You will receive an email with all the information shortly.  

As always, we will have a Leo booth at the convention centre. This year, our focus will be on the following:

• Promoting the LEO movement in general

• Our different activities throughout the year, including this years LENA (Tag des weissen Stocks)

• Getting Lions encourage potential new members to join Leo clubs

In order to achieve the last goal, we are going to have a map of all Leo clubs in Switzerland so that the Lions can see where there is a Leo club their kids can join. 
Here is where you guys come in: We need you to send us* 100 business cards so we can distribute them at the booth to help you guys get new members for your clubs

Here is what your cards could / should have on it:

• LEO Logo

• Club name

• Club email address

• Lions base website (and possibly QR code) 

• Facebook page and other social media (if up to date)

• Space to write down your name / contact of the person who hands out the card

Of course, you are free to design the card however you want. 

Please make sure that:

- the information on the card is valid for an extended amount of time 

- the email address on the card is one that is being replied to should you be contacted

- that the links on the card at VALID

If you don’t have business cards for your club yet, you can have them printed here, for example (websites available in English French and German):


Please send your 100 cards to 

Lisa Pozzi 
Hertensteinstr. 39b
5408 Ennetbaden

by April 15th or bring them to the next presidents conference. 

Should you need any help with this, or if have any other questions, we are here to support you. Just get in touch with me. 
Thank you in advance for your contributions!

Dominic Lucien Scherz
District Secretary LEO District 102 Switzerland - Liechtenstein

Vice-President LEO Club Rapperswil

Falcone, Zürich


12 May

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