Who are we?

LEO clubs are a type of service clubs made for dedicated young adults between the age of 17 and 32. The youth movement of the Lions Club International was formed through the LEO clubs as an independent organisation. Therefore, the LEOs resemble the Lions, but have interpreted their aims in their own way; LEO means engaging oneself socially, having fun and creating friendships. In their free time, LEOs give their time through local and regional activities to help people in need. Even though they are seldom, national and international activities do take place – and are highly encouraged! As most LEO members are students or young professionals, activities requiring active help, rather than fundraising, are preferred. In parallel to the social engagement, regional, national and international meetings (and parties) are encouraged creating worldwide friendships between members. Learn more about our meetings in the Club Life section. The Term "LEO" is an acronym for the words LeadershipExperience and Opportunity. By these three words, it is meant that the personal engagement as a member will provide the opportunity to take responsibilities as a leader, to gain a variety of valuable experiences and to seize opportunities to engage oneself. The LEOs support children and youth, the homeless, the elderly, the sick and those who have been struck by natural disasters – all while remaining politically and religiously neutral.  In Switzerland we can count 16 LEO clubs, with approximately 15 to 25 members each, and worldwide there are around 5'700 clubs in 141 different countries, with a total of 144'000 members! LEO clubs were established in 1957, more information can be found about our organisation in the Background section.