Help for Ukraine in the Lions Year 2022-2023

Fonds International

A big thank you goes to all Lions of Switzerland and Liechtenstein for their solidarity and generosity and their trust.

On February 24, 2022, we learned that Russia had invaded Ukraine. This has changed our everyday life. Every day we hear new reports of horror. Our support is still needed.

Lions in Switzerland and Liechtenstein immediately showed their solidarity and donated to the Swiss Lions Foundation for the benefit of Ukraine relief. 105 Lions clubs (48 from the East District, 24 from the Centro District and 33 from the West District) donated CHF 434'000. CHF 133'000 were directly paid in by Lions. Thus, in a short time, the proud sum of CHF 567'000 was collected. For this we would like to thank ALL of you very much.

Many Lions clubs and Lions of our multiple district have realized their own projects, have also participated directly in various service projects, have also taken in or supported families. The solidarity was and still is very great.

The following report shows which projects were directly considered from the donation pot.

Since March 2022, the project team has taken on the applications in cooperation with the Foundation of Swiss and Liechtenstein Lions "FLC" and has carried out intensive clarifications in each case.

Right at the beginning, a relief package of CHF 100,000 was created for the benefit of Ukrainian families hosted by Lions members. For each Ukrainian refugee family, the host Lion can request the amount of CHF 1,000 from the project team. To date, CHF 58,000.00 has been disbursed.

Also, CHF 26,000 was immediately transferred to the multiple district 121 Poland to support emergency aid for Ukrainian refugees in Poland.

In April 2022, 2 x CHF 50,000 were transferred to LCIF for immediate assistance.

The LC Stockhorn organized an activity for Ukrainian families and received an amount of CHF 5'000 for support. In October 2022, the sum of CHF 30'000 was granted for the construction and delivery of 3 living containers.

On the occasion of the National Convention 2022, the Polish PDG Katarzyna Gebert was presented with a check in the amount of CHF 100,000 for further assistance in favor of the Ukrainian refugees in Poland. We received the project application for this donation from LCIF in December - we were able to make the transfer in January after reviewing the application.

In February 2023, LC Iselisberg submitted a project for the financing of generators. The club received the same amount from the donation pot after its own advance contribution of CHF 18'000. Thus, a total of 90 generators could be delivered to the Kharkiv region.

The association Van for Life has already been supported several times by the LC Lausanne personnell and financially. Van for Life procures and delivers medicines and urgently needed products from Switzerland to Ukraine. The sum of CHF 4,000 was transferred to the LC Lausanne in February to continue the project.

Furthermore, at the request of the FLC, the association Ukraine Hilfe Graubünden received the sum of CHF 10,000 to support aid in Ukraine.

At the request of the Finnish Lions project "Winter is coming to Ukraine" we contributed CHF 60,000 to the delivery of 162 generators.  .  

Currently as of April 23, 2023, CHF 157,799.68 remains for further assistance. The project team continues to work for good projects and is committed to a careful and economical use of finances.

A big thank you goes to all Lions of Switzerland and Liechtenstein for their solidarity and generosity and their trust.

PCC Esther Aepli-Alder