Vacations at the national scout camp made possible by the Lions

Youth National

We would like to share the following letter of thanks with all our readers:

The joy was enormous when I learned that the Lions Club had covered the entire camp costs for my two children. This generous and uncomplicated help is an incredible gift and anything but a matter of course. For me as a single mother who hardly receives any financial support from the children's father, such a gift is simply unbelievably great and a huge relief! The backpacks are now packed and the anticipation of Christelle (11) and Theo (7) mixes more and more with the worry whether they will not be homesick. I, who have been to countless scout camps, am absolutely confident. I am very happy for my children that they can be part of this great event and I am sure that they have a lot to tell when they are back home. Thank you very much!!!