Peace Poster Contest

A picture for peace in the world

Each year, around 350,000 children from 65 countries participate in the Peace Poster Contest. The competition was launched to give schoolchildren the opportunity to express their feelings about peace in a creative way and share their ideas with other people. The topic still carries great significance – today more than ever.

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Articles about the peace poster competition

Die Siegerin des Friedensplakat-Wettbewerbs kommt aus Zurzach
Die Jury des Multi-Distrikt hat entschieden: Siegerin des Peace Poster Contest ist die 12-jährige Yael.
LCI Peace Poster Contest 2019/2020
Die Gewinnerin des Friedensplakat-Wettbewerbs 2019/20 heisst Stacy Ngoyi Nyanguile und kommt aus Neuchâtel.
Peace Poster
The Swiss Peace Poster WINNER 2018/19
Die Gewinnerin des Friedensplakat-Wettbewerbs 2018/19 heisst Lea Jaccoud und kommt aus Sottens VD.
LCI Peace Poster Contest 2017-2018
Grand Prize Winner 2017-18