Youth camps in Switzerland

Every year, the Lions club MD 102 Switzerland-Liechtenstein organizes two summer camps, for 50 youths total (25 each). If possible, we accommodate if youths have a preference for one of the two camps.

You need to know

  • Mandatory arrival/departured airport: Zurich Switzerland
  • Food: Swiss cooking
  • Alcohol: Prohibited in the camps
  • Cigarettes/drugs: Prohibited in the camps
  • Language: English
  • Application deadline: March 30, 2019

Applications of candidates from abroad must be approved from the youth chairpersons from the origin and chosen countries!
Applications of candidates from abroad must be approved by the youth chairpersons of the origin country.

Host families
Outside exceptions, a member of the host family must be a Lions Club member. However, a Lions club may recommend a non-member family to be a host family.

They are asked to

  1. House and feed the youth
  2. Have a bed, and ideally a bedroom for the youth
  3. Take care of the youth. They are responsible for them during their stay
  4. Take part in activities and visits with them
  5. Not leave Switzerland, outside exceptions
  6. Food, bed, and activities are paid for by the host family or their Lions club.
  7. Exchange information via email before the youth arrives
  8. Speak English and/or the youth’s language (per example Italian, French or German)
  9. The host family is not required to have children
26 junge Menschen aus der Schweiz erobern die Welt

Dank des Jugendaustauschs haben 26 Jugendliche aus unseren drei Distrikten die Möglichkeit, diesen Sommer ein anderes Land zu besuchen.

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Lions Youth Camp 2018 in Interlaken

Interlaken hosts the International Lions Youth Camp 2018 from 21. July until 4. August.

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