Editions and deadline

The MD102 Lions Magazine for Switzerland and Liechtenstein is one of the official Lions publications worldwide. 10'500 copies are published every 2nd month and are sent automatically to all members of the Lions clubs in the MD102 region (or by subscription if outside this region). It contains both national and international topics, together with articles on the activities of the clubs in the area. There are 3 editors responsible for coordinating this multilingual magazine (one for each language: german, french, italian).


Lion 1  -  Zug (deadline 23 of december 2017)

Lion 2 -  Eternal youth (deadline 20 of february)

Lion 3 -  National Convention Zug  (deadline  23 of april)

Lion 4 -  Digitalisation (deadline 20 of june) 

Lion 5 -  Senior (deadline 23 of august)

Lion 6 -  Family (deadline 20 of octobre)