Youth exchange

A youth exchange for cultural understanding

The Lions’ youth exchange goes back a long time! The program, intended to promote cultural exchange and mutual understanding amongst young people, first began in 1961. Every Summer, around 50 youths from around the world come to Switzerland and Liechtenstein for four weeks. They spend two weeks in the homes of Swiss families belonging to the Lions Club, and two weeks in one of two camps that we organise. We call them “Incomings.”

The goal of this exchange program is to promote the spirit of understanding between the world’s many cultures and to educate these youths on life in Switzerland, the country and its people.

At the same time, 50 Swiss youths will have the chance to take part in the program in other partner countries. We call them “Outgoings”.

Pros of participation

  • Take part in the life of another family in a foreign country;
  • Meet young people your own age from every corner of the world;
  • Discover the humanitarian work of your hosts with the Lions;
  • Learn to better know and understand the world around you;
  • Discover the bonds that connect all of us and learn to respect the things that make us different, regardless of where they come from;
  • Important! The Youth Exchange is not to be mistaken for tourism.


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