Youth exchange

A youth exchange for cultural understanding

Youth exchanges have a long history with the Lions. As early as 1961, the program was developed with the aim of enabling young people to experience cultural exchanges and cultivate mutual understanding. Every summer, a large group of young people from all over the world visit Switzerland and Liechtenstein for four to five weeks, and the young people then visit Swiss families. The aim of the exchange program is to promote the spirit of understanding between cultures around the world and to open their eyes to the customs, country and people of Switzerland.

At the same time, many young people from Switzerland visit host families in other countries every year.

The objectives of this program

  • Establishing valuable relationships between young people from different countries
  • Exchanging of culture and ideas
  • Promoting a willingness to communicate and work towards world peace and understanding, across borders
  • Developing youths’ innate leadership potential
  • Promoting youths’ respect for other’s ideas
  • The Lions Youth Exchange Program is not intended to be used as tourism, education, or profession-related work. It is a unique opportunity to get insight into foreign cultures. The participants need to accept the rules of both the host families and the camps.

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